T. V. Wars

The satellite and cable companies will most certainly do any and everything to get and keep your business! In March, I was frustrated with AT&T and Directv (which is now owned by AT&T). For a time, I was paying $100 for phone and internet services (including taxes), and I was paying over $100 (including taxes) for the Directv Xtra Choice package. Way too expensive, and I needed to cut costs! I was not able to bundle the services, so I opted to switch to Spectrum cable where I could get phone, internet, and cable TV for about $136. When I called Directv on March 6th, they said that they would send me the shipping labels to send their equipment back. Well, a month goes by and the labels never arrived! Was that part of the T. V. War plan?  I called Directv on April 4th to inquire about the labels, and they made me an offer to return that I could not refuse! They offered me TV, Phone, and Internet service for about $105.00 plus tax. To top it off, I would get the termination of contract fee waived, the 2017 season of the NFL Sunday Ticket for free, a $200 Visa gift card, and $25 off my AT&T wireless service. One thing I liked about Directv was the whole home DVR service where I could access recordings on my DVR from any receiver. That is not available with Spectrum. I must be in the midst of a T. V. War, and I wonder what Spectrum will say in return. Do you know of a great way to save on T.V. Phone, Internet, and other utilities? Comment below or Tweet it to me @Adanslevent on Twitter. I’m always looking for ways to save!