Mazda CX-5 Ride & Drive Dallas, TX

BlueCX5JPGOn Sunday, May 7th I ventured out to the Shops at Park Lane for the Mazda CX-5 Ride and Drive. The CX-5 has been redesigned for 2017. The sleek design especially of the design the hood that made the car look wider and bigger really catches the eye. I was interested in driving the vehicle again due to my experience at the DFW AutoShow, and I was curious to see how it compares to my Honda CR-V. This experience was a lot better! I was able to drive the blue CX-5 with Donald (the Mazda rep) We drove for about a block or so around the Shops at Park Lane. Donald did a great job of pointing out the features of the car and answered all my car questions. The features I think that set the CX-5 apart from the CR-V are the heads up display and the leather seats. The Active Driving Display or heads up display gives the speed of the vehicle along with vehicle stats right on the windshield, so that the drive does not have to divert his/her eyes from the road. The leather seats are double stitched and look amazing. This model even had leather on the dashboard. I wonder how or if the look of the leather on the dash will change over time and how to best care for it. The vehicle handles well but I did not have the opportunity to take it on the highway. Perhaps I’ll visit a Mazda dealer to see how the car handles on the highway. Although the CX-5 does have Lane Keep Assist, there is no blind spot camera. I really like the blind spot camera that is available on my 2015 CR-V. There is a lot of storage space in the vehicle. I saw a woman lie down in the trunk area of the CX-5. So there is plenty of space for luggage, gear, groceries, and etc. Overall I was impressed with the new 2017 CX-5. (Although I love the CR-V) If you are looking for a mid sized SUV it is worthy of consideration.


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