Road to Runway DFW by Cadillac

Once again, Cadillac continues to wow with their events, and vehicles! On September 10th I attended the Road to Runway event. This presented the opportunity to drive the first ever Cadillac XT5.The XT5 is the replacement vehicle for the Cadillac SRS crossover luxury sport utility vehicle.   I was curious about this new crossover vehicle, and how it compares to my 2015 Honda CRV.

Photo by D-Mocha Traveler

We started our journey at the Bungalow Beach Club on Ross Ave at 6 p.m. There we registered for the event, received the itinerary for the evening, and ticket to the Fashion X Dallas fashion show. After spending some time lounging at the Beach Club, I drove to Fashion Industry Gallery or F. I. G as its commonly referred to here in Dallas. This evening I drove the first ever Cadillac XT5 As usual, I was the driver while my friend and fellow blogger D-Mocha Traveler rode along, and snapped photos and checked out the beautiful interior. Ha! Since this is our third car event I liken ourselves to Kevin Hart & Ice Cube in the film Ride Along. We talk, crack jokes, and just plain have fun driving while learning about the latest vehicles. I enjoyed driving the XT5. The vehicle starts at 38K. The model we drove is priced around 45K. There are various packages available depending on the features that you would like to have. The XT5 is a bit larger than my 2015 Honda CRV and looks a lot more plush. There is hand stitched leather in the interior. A sun roof that extends from the front seat to the rear of the car, and a push button gear shift that takes some getting used to but is easy to use. A unique feature, to put the car in drive you have to move the gear shift. But to put it in park, just press the button!

Driving the Cadillac XT5 Photos by D-Mocha Traveler

When we arrived at F. I. G. we were greeted by Cadillac staff and two sedans were were on display on site. After posing for pics in front of the back drop, we had the opportunity to view jewelry and clothing for sale by local designers as well as the Project Runway stars that were featured in the fashion show such as Korto Momolu . Some highlights from the show were Kroto Momolu, Bentley & Lace, and Flawless Honey. Momolu’s collection was the first to hit the runway with bold colors, beautiful wax prints with beading and embellishment. I loved her collection!

Korto Momolu’s Collection


Bentley and Lace by Elizabeth Copeland was another highlight of the show. Beautiful formal gowns for children and women. Perfect for special occasions.

Bentley & Lace

The last highlight of the show was the capsule collection by Flawless Honey. The three featured designs were colorful print dresses, and a brightly colored lace two piece ensemble.

Flawless Honey

While at the F. I.G., I picked up, and wore these cute earrings by Mad Jewels, a Fort Worth based designer. To view more designs, visit!

Mad Jewels

At the end of the fashion show at the F. I. G. we greeted designer Kroto Momolu and complemented her on her designs! Then headed back to Bungalow Beach Club for the after party.  All in all, it was another fun event by Cadillac! I will post more photos from the show on the Adanslevent Instagram , and Facebook pages!




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