Saving at Target

As an educator, I’m always looking for ways to save on the items I need for work and home. Many shoppers believe that Target is an expensive retailer. I was one of them.  However, with a little work, there are ways to save at Target! Here are a few tips for shopping at the store:

  1. The Target Debit Card. The Target Debit Card is a great way to save 5% on groceries and other necessities without worrying about a monthly bill or interest rates as it is linked to your checking account. Just download the application for the Target Debit card and mail in a voided check.  Soon you too will be well on your way to seeing a lower total at checkout!
  2. Cartwheel App. Search the Cartwheel app for offers and add them to your list before you visit the store. To save time the app even tells you where in the store the items are located. At check out hit the checkout icon in the app, and have the cashier scan it. Its that simple!
  3. Target Mobile Coupons. Coupons sent straight to your phone!  Got an iPhone? You can add mobile coupons to Apple Wallet in the Target App. Some mobile coupon codes are available in the weekly ad. From time to time Target offers a $10 off a $40 purchase on groceries that is listed in the weekly add.
  4. Printable Coupons. Just log onto, and select printable coupons from the drop down on the deals link at the top of the page. You can search for products at the top of the page. Select the coupons you would like to print, and bingo instant savings!

I highly recommend clipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper, and checking the Wednesday paper for any coupons! This in addition to the four tips above will also help you to save on the necessities at Target!


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