DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando at Sea World

Last week I was in Orlando for a major professional conference. Orlando has seen it’s share of news coverage lately due events that happened just days of each other earlier in the month. Hence, I was curious to see what effect it would have on the tourism industry there.  I chose to stay at the DoubleTree due to the fact that it was one of the more affordable conference hotels, because I was paying out of pocket to attend, and my company was not. (a long story)  I arrived on Thursday, June 23, 2016.  The hotel was bustling as it hosted a conference and many families with young children, were there. Since my room was not ready at 1pm, the staff offered to call me if my room was ready prior to the standard 3pm check in time. I opted to go to the convention center to register for the conference and explore the area. However, I never received that phone call. So, after meeting a friend for dinner I returned to the hotel for check in. The room I booked was a double occupancy with two beds on the Hilton Honors floor. An amenity that I wish was available: a refrigerator and microwave. For a hotel situated near a convention center and Sea World it would have been great to have a microwave and refrigerator for food and drinks. Lesson learned: I will definitely look for these items when choosing a hotel for a conference. The service during the stay was average, however, I encountered one problem. Ants in the bathroom. I called the evening of June 24th  to report the issue to the front desk. I was expecting to be offered another room on the property. No such luck. The staff member only offered to have an engineer come check the room the following day. I asked if anyone else had the same complaint, they said No. Well, the next day I got an email from the Hilton Honors manager noting the problem, apologizing, and offering assistance.  I also found a card stating that the bathroom had been sprayed and to pick up a cookie (A DoubleTree signature item, and very good!) at the front desk. However, there were still ants in the bathroom. After several emails, and phone calls I was offered 10,000 Hilton Honors points. However, I declined the offer because I was not sure what exactly that was worth. Then the offer went to 20,000 Hilton Honors points. But, is 20,000 points  worth a free night at any Hilton Hotel? They could not say as point values for hotels change through out the year. I contacted Hilton’s corporate office June 29th, after I returned home. In the end, I was offered a credit for some days during my stay, since the it was an issue for a majority of the time. That was the best solution, and I accepted it. Perhaps I should have also asked for a tin of DoubleTree cookies as well! In short should you stay at the DoubleTree Hilton Orlando at Sea World? I say no, find a hotel that has all the amenities that you want, is affordable, and has a front desk staff willing to offer alternatives when a problem arises.