New Orleans, LA

A friend of mine who is a Louisiana native invited me to the Cowboys vs. Saints game in New Orleans earlier this month. What a great trip! Lots of people traveled to the city for the game. Due to that fact, rates were high for hotels in the city center.  My friend suggested that we stay at Le Pavillon, but it was sold out! So we elected to stay at The DoubleTree New Orleans Airport in Kenner, LA.  Hilton offered breakfast for $10 per day when I called to confirm our stay prior to our arrival, and I added the upgrade. We rented a car at the airport however,  there was an Enterprise Rent-A-Car right next to the hotel. We will keep this in mind for future stays. There is so much to do in New Orleans, culture, music, historical sites, and of course restaurants.


Cafe Du Monde
Cafe Du Monde

New Orleans is known for its great food, and during our time there we visited some well known restaurants. Our first and mandatory stop early Friday morning was Cafe Du Monde for breakfast. Cafe Du Monde was busy but the line moved quickly. I ordered beignets and cafe au lait in a souvenir mug. 🙂 The beignets were delicious and there was so much powered sugar on top, you don’t really need to add sugar to your cafe au lait. 😉

In the evening we visited Deanie’s Seafood in Bucktown. Former students of mine from New Orleans raved about Deanie’s so I had to visit. I had the stuffed shrimp fried with fries. It was good but I’m pretty fond of the stuffed shrimp at Pappadeaux here in Dallas… Next time I visit Deanie’s I’ll try their barbeque shrimp.

Grilled Oysters at Drago’s
Drago’s Lobster Mac n Cheese

Saturday was a pretty full day but the restaurant highlight was Drago’s. It is one of my favorite places to visit in New Orleans. The Drago’s location we visited was in the Hilton Riverside Hotel in downtown New Orleans. I had the grilled oysters and the lobster mac ‘n cheese.  The grilled oysters are seasoned with parmesan and Romano cheese along with garlic, butter, and herbs. Yum!  The Lobster Mac n Cheese included a topping of garlic herb bread crumbs. Both great dishes but they were very salty. This was my second visit to Drago’s and I do not recall the food being this salty.  I will definitely visit again. However, I hope they reduce the sodium content in the dishes.

Ham plate at Mother's
Ham plate at Mother’s                                    

By Monday afternoon many of the Cowboys fans returned to Dallas. This gave us the opportunity to visit Mother’s Restaurant. There was a line but like Cafe Du Monde the wait was not long. I enjoyed a Baked Ham Dinner with greens, grits, and red beans & rice along with a Mother’s Spicy Bloody Mary to wash everything down. No salty foods here. Everything was good and you can add your own table salt to taste. I especially liked the red beans and rice.


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